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1) Who would play you in the film/play/tv series of your life? Alison Janney. Not because I think I’m anywhere near that beautiful or tall, but because she’d do a good job.

2) Most-over-rated so-called 'Classic' you've read?
Wuthering frigging Heights. Made me switch to A-level Biology and ensured I never read a ‘classic’ again.

3) Most-underated book you'd recommend?
An Act of Terror, Andre Brink.

4) If you couldn't do what you're currently doing, what job would you like?
Be a dusty professor in obscure International Relations theory

5) Guilty musical pleasure (as in songs, not song and dance. Though feel free to share that too).
I own a Dido album

6) Favourite pudding
Just one? Cheesecake. My favourite pudding would actually be Lots of Pudding.

7)(Shameless pinched from your questions) What tv/film/book character would you like to be, and why?
From TV - Sam Carter, she’s one of the few admirable female TV characters – I’d go for Starbuck if she didn’t end up being, well, confusing. Overall though I'd be Granny Weatherwax from Discworld. Because, she's kind of my idol.

Date: 2012-02-19 11:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heatherbelles.livejournal.com
I approve of the condemnation of Wuthering Heights. It's overwrought and annoying. (And despite this, will be trying to find a nice looking copy to put in a exhibition in a couple of months.,. Inspiration from the moors and all that).

Have you seen this comic strip (http://harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=202) Cracks me up everytime. (And was very amused by my boss brandishing a copy of the book last time I saw him, and I could smugly confirm I already had it....

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