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1) Just to be upfront, Agent Casper was my highlight. He was be-suited and behaving all suit-y, and he has a crush on a superhero, so it was quite hard for me to pay attention to the plot or any other stuff.

2) What's the point of Scarlett Johansson's character? Exactly what power is she supposed to have?

3) Why does the most attractive actor have to be the digitally animated (not to mention giant and green) superhero? Or is it actually that my attractometer is tuned to the anti-generic one? (and/or the one who puts glasses on when he needs to sound intelligent)?

4) Eric Bana's aged incredibly well hasn't he? (yes, yes I know *now* that that's not Eric Bana, but throughout the whole thing I thought it was and was startled at why he was suddenly pinging the attractometer when he hasn't before).

5) It was good, maybe even worth another view, but they're hardly the Justice League are they?

6) Good to know Joss Whedon hasn't lost it

7) Batman is going to kick ass.

8) That arrow-wielding one (who got taken out *incredibly* easily for a superhero) has been evil in someting, what?

By the way, my one had the post-credits scene - although it was only me and four other people who got to see it.
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