May. 8th, 2012

Day 6 - A book you can only read once (no matter you love or hate it)
This is a weird one. There are thousands of books I can't remember well enough to recall them right now, so obviously I wouldn't read them again, and there's loads that don't get chosen for a second read because something else does. There's also loads of factual books I wouldn't read again because the information is in my head now.

But, as a rule, if I'm not enjoying a book within 50 pages I don't waste my time reading it. I have never ever felt I have something to prove through reading so am not one of these people who will plough through books so they can say they've read it, and neither am I someone who will read anything and everything just for the sake of it. There are a few authors who, after I've wasted hours ploughing through something or other and felt utterly cheated, I won't touch again without some serious incentive (China Mieville deserves a special mention here).

I keep thinking something is going to leap out at me and I'll think 'oh, that's the one I won't ever touch again. But there's nothing. If I read it once it was worthy of passing the 50 pages test and so would probably pass it again, but they'll always be something new and exciting on the horizon which will likely bump it off the top of the pile.

There's a book I can't read without crying and so I rarely touch it (Goodbye Mog, by Judith Kerr. I'd like to say this is a childhood memory, but I was bought a copy when I was 24, the year my beloved Arthur died, and that's why I cry)

I'm open to suggestions. Tell me which books I should never read again. I may have to read them first, so that I can say 'I'm never reading that again'.

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When it says "shelf", *which* shelf exactly is it talking about? Are there people out there who only have one shelf of books?

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