Go to Wikiquote.
* Load a random page.
* Pick the third quote.
* That's the tagline on the movie poster about your life.

Okay, so the first quote I got was from Robert Kilroy-Silk and was incredibly racist, so I refuse to post it. It says a lot about me that I'm far less concerned about having a quote from a notorious left wing terrorist group as my tag line.

I got Ulrike Meinhof:

"Protest is when I say this does not please me. Resistance is when I ensure what does not please me occurs no more."

That's totally a film I would go and see!
Arrrggghhhh I move to Worcester on Friday! Bye bye lovely house, familiar routine, the best yoga classes I've ever found, a gym I like, and random friends.

Also a *week* without TV or the internet. I might have to read. Or finish off my ten season Smallville marathon
Yesterday was my last day working for The Man! Hurrah and good riddance to the lot of you. Local Government: Where one meeting about something is never enough

I've been celebrating with a smallville marathon ad a visit to the zoo. There was a tiny orphaned wallaby who lives in a rucksack.

A week off to pack all my worldy posessions (except the cats) into boxes and then the new job starts! Really, really looking forward to it
All be it an era characterised by bitterness, disappointment and a great deal of confusion.

I'm feeling a little bereft at the ending of Smallville. It's always been there. I so wish LJ had invented tags long before it did, because then I could link you back to all my over-excited anticipatory posts (mostly consisiting of countdowns to episodes) and the excessively enthusiastic post-screening updates (mostly consisting of exclamation marks and regret that there wasn't naked Lex).

It's a fandom-based history of my life (3 homes, 4 jobs, 3 cats, and Lionel the hamster), friendships ([livejournal.com profile] indian_skimmer: "you can't be a slasher and not watch smallville" Me: "I watched Dichotic and I wasn't impressed", [livejournal.com profile] indian_skimmer: "I'll send you some videos" - the rest, as they say, is history). Not to mention the technological evolution of the world: Email to mailing lists to blogs to twitter. Buying a video that could play NTSC videos solely for an american-import screening of Exile, to knowing what a codec is, (well, knowing what it *does* anyway).

Thinking back over ten years, I forgive any number of Lana codas for Shattered and Red and The Big Gay Hug. It gave me the Gay Sex Avalanche Scale, and the accompanying Episode Moment Table, (the most fun I've had with a show ever); The 4 Yahoo list posts trying to explain the backstory of the hexagonal disc; MR's hipbones; The pink lip gloss lady; That sex scene in the wine cellar they hid in the extras of the box sets; fic writing (even though my smallville stuff consisted of some nasty Clex and the one and only Lex/Jonathan fic in existence); fic *reading* - 6 fic lists a day and sitting at a computer into the small hours of the morning because I just couldn't stop, somewhere I have never travelled by [livejournal.com profile] seperis deserves a special mention there; Dessert Island Lex - in fact the entire concept of special episode puddings; sitting up in Aber until 3am with [livejournal.com profile] indian_skimmer because we refused to admit defeat in our recollection of episode titles; Batman; Having the only LJ interest not to be shared by anyone else ("bald meglomaniacs"); cartoons; Becoming a person who buys comics; The knowledge that continuity happens elsewhere; an appreciation for DVD boxsets that come with a bloody episode list. I could go on and on and on and on.

In fact, I think this might actually be love letter of sorts to Smallville. Thank you for the last ten years.

P.S. But not for Lana, or that thing that happened in season 5 that I can't remember but that I know was terrible enough to prevent me buying the DVDs.
It's been a while. I need to get back into the habit of updating, although I expect I haven't updated here because my life hasn't really updated.

However, now it has. It's had updates installed, and really surprisingly quickly. Like AVG.

I have a new job, and it requires a new home *resists urge to panic wildly* However, I am escaping the failed experiment of working for The Man. The Man, incidentally, has just informed me of my sixth office move in less than two years. Your council tax at work ladies and gentleman.

Anyway, my new job is as a research associate at the University of Worcester on a qualitative research project into good/bad practice in care homes. This is my field. And they're *paying* me to work in it - it will be excellent prep for a PhD, and involve me reading interesting things and anlysing stuff and coming up with theories *for money* . I'm hoping there might be a dusty office with books. The only downside is that it will mean a move away from the frontline staff training which I love - but I'm hoping that won't completely disappear,and might just take different forms.

I almost didn't apply because the essential requirements included a PhD, but did on the off-chance as everything else they wanted I had in spades and voila!

So now I have to move to Worcester. Anyone know anything about Worcester? (other than the fact it floods quite a bit). So far I know it has a costa coffee, caffe nero *and* a coffee republic, so therefore cannot be bad. I've also managed to track down a gym that does good classes (I know, somewhere along the line I've turned into a person that chooses houses based on whether they're close to a *gym*, when did that happen?) just need to locate decent yoga classes, find a rented property that will take cats and a place with enough green stuff and not too many cars so that the cats don't panic. Also possibly fit cats with armbands.

And then move and start a new job all before June. *breathes deeply*
tolen from [livejournal.com profile] heatherbelles
In 2011, lemonbella resolves to...
Take evening classes in chocolate.
Admit my true feelings to fringedweller.
Find a new slash.
Apply for a new angel.
Drink four glasses of smallville every day.
Connect with my inner lex.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

The evening classes I'm particularly looking forward to, but it might make [livejournal.com profile] fringedweller and my relationship a little awkward....
I haven't posted since august!
Yes, I returned from Iceland two weeks ago and it's taken me a long time to do an update. Work crept up on me, assignments crept up on me and I was so exhausted from the holiday I only now feel like myself. However, I had an excellent time )
I'm off to Reykjavic tomorrow! fly out at 9pm arrive at midnight and then at 6am I have to navigate my way accross Reykjavic tocatch a bus for the 6 hour journey to Skatafell National Park (passing the unpronouncable volcano on the way)where I shall be spending two weeks digging and building things and climbing glaciers.It's entirely possible I might get horribly lost.

Two weeks forgetting about work! Yay!
What on earth possessed you to take a job that you were so woefully unqualfied for? Actually, this isn't just a matter of qualification. What on earth gave you the belief you could do this job without even reading the most basic piece of legislation underpinning the work that you do? Can you, in fact, read? Don't get me wrong, if reading is the problem I can teach you that, it's the laziness and vastly overinflated sense of your own abilities I might have trouble with.

I'm used to being a bit frustrated in my workplaces: I work harder than most people, I know my subject better than most people, I care more than more people and my basic intelligence is higher than most people. I am not used to people whose entire reason for coming in to work appears to be to get other people who are paid significantly less than them, to do their job for them wholst convincing themselves they're good at it. This job *matters*. People , quite literally, die if you don't do it properly - how can you sleep at night having taken it?
So I haven't updated for a while.

dull stuff )

I need to get back to assigning random scores to cricketers. It's what I'm best at
I'm in a miserable mood right now, and it's been dragging on for a while. Compounded this week by fascist thugs deciding to march through my town on Saturday (they're closing Costa! - plus, you know, racist.)

Also compounded by me failing to get a doctors appointment sooner than three weeks away due to that other kind of fascist: The doctor's receptionist. Seriously are they trained in making people cry? I'm a confident, professional woman, why do they make me feel like I have no right to get the results of my blood tests?

Okay, reading that back it sounds like I'm trivialising the EDL march. I'm really not. Thoroughly disgusted and angry right now, especially given that they seem to have targeted our town precisely because it's fairly well integrated and functional: They're bussing nazis in especially because we don't have enough of our own. However I can't help but be a little bit heartened at the sheer disgust emanating from all quarters. Seriously, people at the gym *talked* to each other about how awful it was. I keep expecting to hear someone say the dreaded "i don't agree with their approach but...." but all I keep coming across is random strangers' elaborate and creative ideas to deport/castrate fascists.

1. Lemonbella
2. Izzie
3. Izz
3. Isabelle
4. Isabella (although not by the same person twice)
6. Diz


1. My yoga trousers
2. turquoise fleece jumper
3. fluffy socks


1. A creme brule latte (the sooner costa do late night takeaway the better)
2. white chocolate cookies
3. To have completed my discourse analysis exam


1. Make a move
2. Sweet exile
3. Heatherbelles


1. Almost kicked someone in Body Combat
2. A handstand
3. Watched Wallander


1. A member of public about Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
2. The head of the NHS trust about safeguarding adults
3. Indian_skimmer by text, (because that counts as talking)about Paul Harris


1. Drink a creme brulee latte
2. Attend my new yoga class
3. revise discouse analysis


1. Creme Brulee latte (noticing a theme)
2. Watered down fresh orange juice
3. Tap Water


1. My result on voteforpolicies.org.uk
2. SunshineCat falling off a chair backwards chasing a ball
3. That someone got my Richard Nixon joke
Dear friends,

If I'm ever found dead in my flat in a strange position I would like it noted that this was likely caused not by a bizarre, erotic experiment but instead by my trying to practise fancy yoga poses in a hallway of a small flat, falling out of a handstand and smacking my knee and shoulder on different door handles.

No, hang on. Bizarre-erotic-experiment-with-mysterious-unidentifiable-partner Death is way cooler than lone-yoga-accident-halfeaten-by-cats Death, isn't it?
I'm off to Iceland! I'm going to be building things and climbing glaciers and sleeping in a tent.
So, in Exciting Expedition News BTCV do excursions to Iceland. They're cheap because you do work and sleep in tents but that's something I quite enjoy. It's linked with a very active conservation group in iceland, so you get good support and natives to show you around glaciers on your off days. However, they only do two week projects rather than one week ones. Can I justify having two consecutive weeks off work? Am I going to regret using up potential study time on holiday? will I kill people having to spend two weeks with them? (I've never had a bad group on a BTCV holiday - but two weeks is a long time).

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

On a side note, I shouldn't have to write awkward break up emails when there hasn't been any sensible dating.
You know you're a little bit screwed in the head when, whilst reading Mark Steel's latest book, you cry when he leaves the Socialist Worker Party but not at the failure of his marriage.

So, the last few months have been weird - not neccessarily bad - but unsettling in number of ways. A random summing up follows:

The job is still fantastic, athough a bit unnerving in that people keep calling me "dynamic" and knowing my name even though I've never met them and allowing me to just *do* things without clearing it with someone, you know, responsible.

My birthday was uneventful, but I continue to still love being this age - I really don't understand all this "oh, I'm getting old, isn't it terrible?" crap. Maybe it's just that my teenaged years sucked beyond measure, so everything will always be on an upward trajectory.

I appear to have a hitherto unrealised talent for discourse analysis, and had my research proposal accepted without condition - it means the next year's academic stuff is sorted.

I had a quite scary medical condtion, involving emergency appointments and a consultant saying it was either really serious or "something I hadn't seen since training". Thankfully it was the latter.

There's some depressing family stuff and generally confusing personal things going on that I'd like to stop sometime soon

Both my cats remain excellent

What I need is some sucessful South Africans, Supernatural to stop going on random hiatus, some time to watch Series three of The Thick of It, and to start planning my summer excursion and the Next Big Expedition.
So, I'm thinking about planning the next big trip. I loved Vancouver and want to do a bit more Exploring. I need to start thinking now as that's the only way that money will actually get saved.

I'm tempted to do somewhere in Canada again, because I really want a butter pecan latte, but I feel I should try somewhere else - given that realistically I can only do something like this every few years, at best. The next place on the list is Cape Town, (I'm not ever going to be able to afford money or time to do entire countries rather than cities/places). However, Cape Town presents challenges mostly because I'll be by myself.

I have a Jo'berg friend who I'm going to try and persuade to investigate Cape Town with me, but she's a Boyfriend type so my hopes aren't high. Then there's Hong Kong friend who would be excellent and suitably excited by penguins but we've had plans for years and they never happen and I don't want to be waiting in four years time.

So, does anyone have any ideas that would enable me to do Cape Town safely without having to do a package tour and spend my time in a hotel behind a giant wall that could be anywhere in the world? I love conservation things and am not averse to doing stuff. Suggestions for companies/projects that sort of thing. Or, aternaively, other places I should put on the list of Next Big Trip destinations if this one isn't going to work out.

ETA: Places on the Next Big Trip list: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Iceland, Italy, Vancouver (again), Shanghai (already planned out), Hong Kong (again) Bear Island (long term plan with Hong Kong friend).

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