I used to watch England with a sort of resigned and hysterical pessimism. I would be stoic when everything collapsed after Mark Ramprakash fell for 63 again. I would be a little bit cheered when Alan Mullally scored more than 3. England avoiding the follow on made it a good match.

Then this team came along: They lured me in with their being good. Not just good once or twice, but consistently good. They stole my comfort blanket of pessimism and replaced it with genuine belief and feeling.

Geraint, that was awful. So was everyone else, but dear god that was awful.
Just when you thought it was safe to think of the draw...

My support of the Small Ginger Batting Gods (the smallest in particular) is being sorely tested...
I already knew Hoggy was a God. But it turns out he's an extra special God; the one in charge of all the others.

Plus, Geraint tried to lift him off the ground in celebration!

I should have a Hoggy is God icon.
Things I would like from the England Cricket Team for this test match, not generally. Most of the things I want from the England Cricket Team generally are unprintable, and require much more flexibility than I'm sure they actually have in real life. Except Geraint, I expect he's pretty much as flexible as I imagine... Okay, moving on.

1) Some wickets. Ideally, 20. Failing that, can we just try to bowl at the batsmen?
2) Some runs. Ideally more than 400. Failing that, can everyone please try not to throw their wickets away?
3) Someone to hurt Warne quite badly.
4) Paul Collingwood to try and physically intimidate Matthew Hayden. Failing that, Ricky Ponting, Which really shouldn't be that hard.
5) For everyone to look like they enjoy being there.
6) For commentators to stop lumping the Jones decision and the Giles decision in together. They are not the same issue in the slightest.
7) Steve Harmison not to humiliate us all.
8) A fifty from Geraint, please.
It's nice to finally be right.

Australia/England 1st Test Brisbane )


Nov. 25th, 2006 05:14 pm
I had my wisdom tooth removed this morning. There were five injections, cracking teeth, bleeding, and the surgeon announcing half way through that she might have to dislocate my jaw to get to it.

In terms of anxiety and lingering discomfort, it's an experience not unlike watching England play cricket. Except it's over a lot quicker, and they at least give you painkillers.

On a cricket note, I had a small mental breakdown at about 5.43 this morning when Geraint Jones was out. I may have said some things I didn't mean about Ian Bell (who deserved a lot more than my misplaced anger). I apologise.
And Hoggy gets two in an over! I must restate again how much I adore Matthew Hoggard.

Also, Geraint caught Warne! Somewhere in the Gabba, Mr Jones Senior is telling absolutely everyone who will listen about how rubbish Warne is.
Honestly, there's no need to panic. I know our strike bowler was "nervous". I know it would somehow be better if we'd dropped lots of chances because then it would mean we actually made lots of chances. I know Ricky Ponting has the look of a man not going anywhere until he's personally holding the ashes urn...

But, all we have to do is bat for two days and the game's back on. We have loads of experienced and reliable batsmen capable of occupying the crease for days at a time Andrew Strauss. What on earth are we worrying about?

I made it through the whole day's play, falling into bed at 7am to a very confused cat and the sound of the builders outside.

I also woke up this evening to the rather wonderful news that Geraint Jones' Dad writes letters to local newspapers telling them Shane Warne is an idiot and that they should be nicer to his son. I think I'd like Mr Jones were I ever to meet him.

Whenever I do something to embarrass myself, instead of dwelling on it, I'm just going to think about how embarrassing it must be to have your Dad offer out the world's greatest spin bowler on your behalf.
I'm just about to watch the 200th episode of Stargate SG1 so there may be a non-cricket post in a while.


I am ready. I have my England shirt on. I have my Ashes Pyjamas on. I have my GeraintCoffee ready (it's from Papua New Guinea courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] indian_skimmer) and I have a chocolate pudding in case something goes horribly wrong. Not that it will.

Also, The List of Good People with Entirely Correct Opinions About Geraint Jones got namechecked in a random comment in the Guardian today, without me even being involved. The Word is spreading.

My personal aims this Ashes series are as follows:

1) Get The List of Good People With Entirely Correct Opinions About Geraint Jones mentioned on the OBO again. And, extend the membership to more than three (Rob Smyth, Rob Key and Charles Colville).

2) Exchange another set of e-mails with Rob Smyth of The Guardian about our Geraint-themed wedding and nipple clamps.

3) Not steal any of [livejournal.com profile] indian_skimmer's words of wisdom and pass them off as my own, albeit unintentionally.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] indian_skimmer has reminded me The List Of Good People With Entirely Correct Opinions About Geraint Jones currently holds the following names:

Rob Smyth, Rob Key, Charles Collville, 22% of Guardian readers, 91% of the residents of Kent, The sports writer from The Kent Gazette, Martin Van Jarsveld, Steve Harmison, Andrew Flintoff and Duncan Fletcher.

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