I'm done! Graeme's penguin is very impressed.

I have completed my to do list with more than a day to spare. I now have a whole spare day to sit around and fail to remember the really important thing I have forgotton and will only recall when I'm on the plane.

I've even managed to identify at least six places I can take photographs of that have appeared in episodes of Stargate.
I am spending the first three weeks of April in Canada! I fly to Calgary, visit my friends and godchildren for just over a week (in which my itinerary is being designed by a 3 year old, so it should suit me completely) and then I get a train across to Vancouver, do all manner of exciting things, get very cold and then fly home from Vancouver.

My cats are looked after, my flights are booked, my train is booked and my B&B is booked. Okay, I'm panicking a little bit now. Mostly, because the B&B doesn't have a TV.....

I have Graeme and his rucksack as my icon because I'm going on a trip.
If so, I need your suggestions.....

I'm going on an Expedition.

I'm taking three weeks in March/April next year to fly to Alberta to visit my friend and my godson and be generally good-natured around a two year old and a four month old baby. However, I only plan to spend a week or so with them and then I want to Do Other Stuff.

So far the plan includes getting a train and going to Vancouver. This is probably not the most well-planned trip I've ever taken.

Are there places I should go?
Any good sites to book stuff through?
If I stay in central Vancouver, will that provide me with Intersting Things?
Should I turn Right at Alberta rather than Left and go somewhere other than Vancouver?
Are Canadian museums open on bank holidays?
Will anywhere guarantee me a moose?

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