Charles Colvile is a god amongst cricket presenters.

Whilst nothing will ever beat the time he told Geraint Jones he smelled nice, tonight he told Andrew Strauss to call David Graveney names and then sung a song from The Muppets.
Firstly, I would like to apologise to the five Sussex supporters who were sat in front of me for all the screaming and yelling I did in their ears.

Secondly, I would like to apologise to the well intentioned Kent fan sat beside me, who with Kent needing 4 runs off four balls in the semi-final, uttered the Fate-tempting phrase "we can do it from here". I'm sorry I turned on you and told you I would personally eject you from the ground if you ever said that again. However, I would have done and you needed to be warned. You should know better than that.

I had an utterly fantastic day, helped in no small amount by the fact that Kent won. It appears that my terrible, awful cricket karma of the past two years momentarily left me as the day was packed with superb happenings.

Don't get me wrong, this in no way makes up for the hysterical wicket-keeper related depression which descended this time last year, but it is more than worthy repayment for the destruction of the Special Weekend of Specialness, the missing of Geraint's century, and the withdrawal of Sangakkara from Sangakarra week.

things that were fantastic about Twenty20 Finals Day )

[ profile] akkrenskarin Did you eat your hat yet?
Charles Colville's closing comment to Geraint Jones:

"Can I just say how well groomed you look? You smell nice as well."

I didn't make that up. I rewound my video to make sure.

Geraint *is* very well groomed, and I'm sure he smells acceptable too, but I never really expected his fellow commentators to announce it on air.

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