Okay, so I completely forgot about that book meme and the moment's kind of gone now.

Anyway. This time next week I will be in Bratislava! Or at least I hope to be in Bratislava, I fly into Vienna and have to get the train across, so I may get horribly lost and have to setup home.

If I find my way to Bratislava I am then meeting up with BTCV and hiking off into the remote Tatra Mountains - from which I am assured I will see bear, wolves, and a special species of goat that we have to track for 10 days.

I'm currently packing, which is usually a problematic process anyway, but this time I'm having to weigh myself and then weigh myself with my rucksack on and then pick an item to remove from the pack until I can get it down to 10kg. Reduce underwear or books, that's my current dilemma.

Any suggestions from the well-travelled amongst you as to what to visit in Bratislava? (few extra days before and after the trek).
I'm done! Graeme's penguin is very impressed.

I have completed my to do list with more than a day to spare. I now have a whole spare day to sit around and fail to remember the really important thing I have forgotton and will only recall when I'm on the plane.

I've even managed to identify at least six places I can take photographs of that have appeared in episodes of Stargate.

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