I had a horrible, horrible car accident.

I'm fine. Apart from a very sore neck and shoulder and waking up three times last night having dreamt about it, I am intact. Given the state of my car, that is very, very lucky.

I was on the motorway and some guy swerved into my lane to avoid a tyre sitting in his lane, I hit him and then the person behind me smacked into me. My poor little car was squashed like an accordian and somehow I wasn't.

That's the first accident I have ever had in the 12 years I've been driving, and that thing they say about your life passing before your eyes is completely and utterly true. I swear there was a brief moment I regretted not having got to see how Atlantis ends.

Also, a note for any of you with the AA. Their policy after an accident (regardless of your level of cover) is to take you to the nearest service station and dump you and your car. I had to sit in a car park by myself for three hours until my insurance company arranged for a very nice RAC man to drive me the 70 miles home.
I have won an award for being excellent at work. (I know, I know, I'm sure they will realise their mistake soon).

This should be great. This should be a cause for celebration. This should result in me getting a nice discreet letter and possibly some wine.

However, there is going to be a ceremony. A ceremony involving standing up in public in smart clothing. And giving a speech.

I know my job involves standing up in front of people and talking, but not 2000 people, and not about myself.

Next year I'm trying harder to be rubbish.

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