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The finale looked *phenomenal*, and I was already nearly crying at the thought of it all being over...
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I'm still not quite back in the normal world, but I'm hoping things will feel a bit better once I have a car and once I've paid off the debt for the bloody new car. That should be about April next year. *sigh*

Dear Insurance Company and everyone else who keeps going on about it.

How many times do I have to tell you I am not interested in making a personal injury claim? Yes I have a painful shoulder and neck. Yes it is the result of the car accident. Yes I may have had the inconvenience of boiling the kettle for a hot water bottle. However, I do not believe it merits sueing the other driving for thousands of pounds. It's wrong; I don't care if I'm the only person you've ever encountered with principles, I'm still not going to do it.

Yes I'd love thousands of pounds. Yes it would be incredibly useful. Yes I'm sure I could use it to buy another car. But I could also get thousands of pounds by stealing the other driver's credit card, that wouldn't make it right.

I despair of a world in which people are actively (and legally) encouraged to treat a car accident as a money making opportunity. Go look up the word 'accident' in the dictionary.

With no respect whatsoever, Me.


I was in Waterstones and there was a local author looking very lonely and sad at his signing table. I bought his book because I felt sorry for him. I even let him sign it for me.


Dear SGA fans,

What are you all moaning about? The new season has been *excellent*. I love the Weir storyline, the team interaction has been superb and I can't wait to see where they're going with it all. If you're so attached to everything staying the same, go watch your DVDs.

Love, me.


I can't write SGA anymore. I've tried and tried. I used to write it all the time! I used to wake up at 5am with ideas! I've written *loads* of atlantis stuff and at least one of those stories was actually quite good! What's with that?
So, I wasn't going to download any episodes this year, but somehow I'm onto episode 5 already...

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Also, what's this trend for 'episode DVD commentaries'? "The Fringedwellers' Guide" has been doing that for years. Also, we're funny. Although possibly only to us.

7 days till County!Geraint.

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