All be it an era characterised by bitterness, disappointment and a great deal of confusion.

I'm feeling a little bereft at the ending of Smallville. It's always been there. I so wish LJ had invented tags long before it did, because then I could link you back to all my over-excited anticipatory posts (mostly consisiting of countdowns to episodes) and the excessively enthusiastic post-screening updates (mostly consisting of exclamation marks and regret that there wasn't naked Lex).

It's a fandom-based history of my life (3 homes, 4 jobs, 3 cats, and Lionel the hamster), friendships ([ profile] indian_skimmer: "you can't be a slasher and not watch smallville" Me: "I watched Dichotic and I wasn't impressed", [ profile] indian_skimmer: "I'll send you some videos" - the rest, as they say, is history). Not to mention the technological evolution of the world: Email to mailing lists to blogs to twitter. Buying a video that could play NTSC videos solely for an american-import screening of Exile, to knowing what a codec is, (well, knowing what it *does* anyway).

Thinking back over ten years, I forgive any number of Lana codas for Shattered and Red and The Big Gay Hug. It gave me the Gay Sex Avalanche Scale, and the accompanying Episode Moment Table, (the most fun I've had with a show ever); The 4 Yahoo list posts trying to explain the backstory of the hexagonal disc; MR's hipbones; The pink lip gloss lady; That sex scene in the wine cellar they hid in the extras of the box sets; fic writing (even though my smallville stuff consisted of some nasty Clex and the one and only Lex/Jonathan fic in existence); fic *reading* - 6 fic lists a day and sitting at a computer into the small hours of the morning because I just couldn't stop, somewhere I have never travelled by [ profile] seperis deserves a special mention there; Dessert Island Lex - in fact the entire concept of special episode puddings; sitting up in Aber until 3am with [ profile] indian_skimmer because we refused to admit defeat in our recollection of episode titles; Batman; Having the only LJ interest not to be shared by anyone else ("bald meglomaniacs"); cartoons; Becoming a person who buys comics; The knowledge that continuity happens elsewhere; an appreciation for DVD boxsets that come with a bloody episode list. I could go on and on and on and on.

In fact, I think this might actually be love letter of sorts to Smallville. Thank you for the last ten years.

P.S. But not for Lana, or that thing that happened in season 5 that I can't remember but that I know was terrible enough to prevent me buying the DVDs.
So, I saw a truely excellent trailer for the seventh (possibly the seventh, but it could be the sixth or the eight or maybe the fifth, I lost track when it started to upset me...) season and I decided I had to make an effort to watch the last season so I could try again with the new season

So, I watched an episode in which the following things happened:

1) Clark harboured an illegal immigrant and his Mother let him do it.
2) The illegal immigrant spoke perfect English although you could tell he was supposed to be an illegal immigrant because his skin was a shade darker and his name had a silent H.
3) The special effects were terrible.
4) Lana used the word 'verbatim' and failed to convince me that she knew what it meant.

In short, it was worse than Dichotic.

But then, then, right at the end, just as I was re-aligning myself with the "Smallville Ended At Season 3" reality I have been living with for the last three years, they came up with the coolest scene *ever*. There was thrashy metal music and Lex in a long coat and a jail full of meteor freaks and fluorescent lighting and Lex in a long coat and malevolent evil and did I mention the long coat?

It was all foreshadow-y and reminiscent of Insurgence and it made me believe there is A Plan.

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