Dec. 18th, 2009 08:09 pm
It's been ages since I updated here, but I'm doing so tonight because instead of being out buying my christmas tree, I'm stuck inside because of snow. Still, snow! and I have south africans on video and can complete the Paul Harris dance now I'm away from the office, so it's not a bad evening even if less festive than I intended.

So what's happened since I last posted?

I started my new job - it's all going really well and it was definitely the right choice, even if being so close to my workplace means I don't get snow days. I have a swipe card and am in the process of recruiting a minion: bow before my power. I do now have to iron work clothes though, which I had successfully avoided for the past 31 years of my life

I have achieved the coveted yoga sequence of going from a forward bend into a handstand and then into plank position all in one seamless movement. Go me! My teacher was right when she said I'd get it eventually, and private lessons have paid off. Now to make it look elegant...

There was a date with a south african man called Ryan, but I'm not sure how fussed I am about a second one - certainly not as fussed as him which is probably a bad sign.

I've received a distinction for my MSc ethnography module, and the first part of my discourse analysis module, and submitted the preliminary proposal for my final dissertation. I've just got to hope they accept the proposal and I'll be admitted to the final module.

I will be back soon with test updates. We didn't get any for the one dayers, because the results were wrong and therefore do not officially exist in lemonbellaland.

ETA: thanks for cards/presents[ profile] fringedweller [ profile] heatherbelles and [ profile] writan_bur

ETA Again: Thank you to [ profile] fringedweller & [ profile] laceymcbain for my virtual gifts. I only just noticed them because I am useless. [ profile] fringedweller I will come and see kittens (even though I suspect they're quite large by now...). Any january weekends not good for you?
In case anyone was wondering where their snow was. I have it. All. Apparently on my front path.

My cats are not happy and woke me at 3am to try and get me to do something about it.

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