Yesterday, I had a surprise day off and was able to go and see South Africa v England Lions at Grace Road. I saw the following things:

1) Herschelle batting. Herschelle batting is special.

2) Graeme doing paper work on the balcony. He licked an envelope! He chewed his pen! And at one point, had to make an announcesment that he was putting something in an envelope! It was a thing of wonder.

3) Graeme eating a taco. Yes, eating a taco. And, yes, it was exactly as fantastic as you'd think it would be. There was finger licking, more finger licking, and then that moment everyone gets with a taco where you have to just decide to put all the rest in your mouth at once, before you lose it down your jumper.

There are now only three things left on my List of Things I want To See Graeme Doing.

1) Batting - This seems destined to never actually happen
2) Wear his glasses. There are contact lenses, which means there should be a pair of glasses. I like men in glasses.
3) Okay, I really can't explain number three.
And terrifying, absolutely terrifying.

I completely and utterly lost faith in them, but I'm blaming all the damage England have done to me over the years. I just have to learn that other teams won't treat me the same way. Also, I never lost faith in Graeme, just the others' ability to stick with him.

*pats South Africans*
You know I love you, and you and all your little South Africans have been excellent today, but I'm coming to watch you tomorrow and you got out!

I can't help being a little bit hurt by that.
Okay, so this year I'm doing match ratings but for South Africa rather than England. I started doing them for England but they all came out below three with the phrase "not as attractive as he should be" next to them. And what's the point of doing that?

England v South Africa 1st Test )

Okay, just imagine what their scores will be when they win.
He was following me up some stairs and it would have been rude not to.

I didn't see any damp South Africans, but yesterday I saw South Africans leaping and giggling and pushing each other over. There was also some quite spectacular cuddling between Graeme and AB.

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