Today, I went to visit my lemurs at Whipsnade Zoo. They are my lemurs because [ profile] indian_skimmer adopted them for me. Even though it turns out I'm not allowed to take one home, they were still excellent. One of them sniffed me. I'm going to become a member of the zoo so I can visit my lemurs whenever I'm feeling sad.

I also saw a tiny, baby elephant and a clumsy red panda.
Has anything interesting happened in that time? Erm....

There were Fantastic Lemurs. They jumped and stretched and yawned. Unfortunately I missed the oportunity to scratch one behind the ears because I was being good and following The Not-Stroking-Wild-Animals-and-Getting-Your-Arm-Ripped-Off Rule.

There was Batting!Geraint (who has been worryingly absent up until this point)

There was a surprise meeting with [ profile] akkrenskarin (although not that much of a surprise seeing as it was at St Lawrence) and a personal tour through Canterbury shopping centre.

There was a mediocre England performance. (BTW, I'm pretending Matt Prior doesn't exist, there's an invisible man keeping wicket for England atm - I am not retiring the List of Idiotic People with Ridiculously Optimistic Opinions about Matt Prior just yet)

There was the devestating news that Sangakkara won't be playing in the championship on the days I'd planned to go and see him Warwickshire. I'm thinking of writing a letter to Sri Lanka asking for him back.

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