You know you're a little bit screwed in the head when, whilst reading Mark Steel's latest book, you cry when he leaves the Socialist Worker Party but not at the failure of his marriage.

So, the last few months have been weird - not neccessarily bad - but unsettling in number of ways. A random summing up follows:

The job is still fantastic, athough a bit unnerving in that people keep calling me "dynamic" and knowing my name even though I've never met them and allowing me to just *do* things without clearing it with someone, you know, responsible.

My birthday was uneventful, but I continue to still love being this age - I really don't understand all this "oh, I'm getting old, isn't it terrible?" crap. Maybe it's just that my teenaged years sucked beyond measure, so everything will always be on an upward trajectory.

I appear to have a hitherto unrealised talent for discourse analysis, and had my research proposal accepted without condition - it means the next year's academic stuff is sorted.

I had a quite scary medical condtion, involving emergency appointments and a consultant saying it was either really serious or "something I hadn't seen since training". Thankfully it was the latter.

There's some depressing family stuff and generally confusing personal things going on that I'd like to stop sometime soon

Both my cats remain excellent

What I need is some sucessful South Africans, Supernatural to stop going on random hiatus, some time to watch Series three of The Thick of It, and to start planning my summer excursion and the Next Big Expedition.


Jun. 13th, 2009 09:25 pm
I had a job interview on Friday and, despite it being quite a bizarre interview, I was offered the position. It's at a freelance training company with a very innovative approach to training which I could certainly sink my teeth into and would be quite exciting. However:

It's freelance, which means whilst I would have a verbal guarantee of hours, and the wages for freelance are high, it's not the same as a fulltime job with guaranteed wage packet.

I was orginally hoping I'd be able to sign on to do 10 days a year - which I currently devote annual leave days for - but they want 2-3 days a month or full time 10 days a month, so annual leave isn't an option.

So I have choices:

1) Attempt to negotiate with my current employers to be released for 3-4 days a month. This isn't really an option as I already end up working evenings and weekends to get the job done. And I would like some sort of a life

2) Resign from my current post and take up the new one, with a gamble that a) I'll like it and b) I'll actualy get sufficient work. This isn't really a possibility either, as I'm still a bit too much of a coward to be entirely freelance. I hate the idea of not having a regular wage, even though the freelancing wages would be higher.

3) Contact the new company and explain that whilst I can't take up the position now, I would be very interested in working for them in a year when I plan to start my PhD. It's exactly what I want then, but obviously there's no guarantee that it will be available.

Okay, it's clear I've made that choice already isn't it? Graeme's penguin is impressed by my ability to ramble on and on and then discover I knew the answer already.

In other news:

Geraint lightened up my week by appearing with sheep in a magazine and being funny and geraint-like on TV

Graeme has been fabulous

I see my first cricket of the season on Tuesday: About bloody time

The butterpecan latte recipe did not work. Attention Mysterious Canadian Commentator/International Man of Mystery: You have failed me again. We should have spotted the flaw in this plan, owing to the recipe clearly being based on the concept that pecans can be made by mixing hazlenuts and almonds.
1) Ebay is evil and steals a lot of my money

2) My job title has recently changed: My official title is now SGA Officer and the courses I teach are now named "SGA - Basic" and "SGA - Advanced". I get a little thrill everytime I get to say them.

3) I saw "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" (which, incidentally, Odeon Cinemas are refusing to show because it's *gasp* subtitled) Excellent, excellent, excellent. I really can't recommend it enough. It's astonishingly faithful to the book and uses sound and camera work to a perfect effect.

4) StraussCat has recently decided he likes shredding toilet rolls.

5) Only two weeks left to Geraint.
So, the fish finally have names. It was a long process but we got there in the end. I have Sri Lankan fish. More precisely, Mahela, Kumar and Chamindafish.

Big Life Decision rambling )

I have Spare Money. It was previously known as PhD Money, but I'm now calling it Spare Money. What should I do with my Spare Money?

1) Go and visit my friend Angie in Hong Kong, who I haven't seen for three years and I miss like crazy.

2) Spend it all driving around the country watching county cricket.

3) Pay off the last of my student loan so that I don't have £100 taken out of my pay cheque every month.

4) Spend it all on DVDs and chocolate. And, yes, I could easily spend it all on DVDs and chocolate.

5) Be sensible and save it; something bad is bound to happen soon and I'll need it.
My research proposal is done and I have beer.

I have nothing else to say but I thought it was worth mentioning.
I adore the TV series Coast because I like rocks and cuttlefish and you don't often see them in the same half hour.

However, I think my favourite bit has to be where the anthropologist explains the Jurassic Coastline with cake.
Okay, it's at least a week since I mentioned Geraint Jones. You'd think there was something wrong with me if I stopped completely. If you ever needed a definition of "strong character", this is it.
I'm not sure I know a single person who wouldn't just hide under the duvet for a couple of months after the winter he's had. I've spent a large proportion of this winter hiding under the duvet (one day series? what one day series?) and I wasn't even in Australia.

In other news:

I had my appraisal at work in which my boss was extraordinarily enthusistic about me and told me that I was a "very powerful woman". It makes you wonder what she'd say if I didn't spend a large amount of my work time on the internet. She also informed me that the executive committee were slightly scared of me and 'wouldn't dare' to disagree with one of my policies: She seemed to suggest this was a bad thing. Ruling by fear is one thing; using fear to prevent other people from ruling you is a superb achievement. Go me!

I have the hugely important, lifepath-determining research proposal to write in the next few weeks: It basically decides whether I get the money to do my PhD or not. (Well, that and the opinion of stuffy rich people, so the hope is pretty slim already). It scares me, so I'm prevaricating a great deal. My flat has never been tidier.

Cat still missing. Must let go.
I have so much to say about the cricket, but it all just keeps coming out as a huge rant containing language of which my mother would be ashamed and eleven years' worth of repressed anger. Also, it makes me cry.

Other stuff:

1)Presents have arrived - so thank you to [ profile] indian_skimmer, [ profile] fringedweller and [ profile] heatherbelles. [ profile] indian_skimmer One of your presents might make you sob uncontrollably given current events, so you might want to ignore the note telling you which order to open them in.

2)The Hogfather thing on Sky is disappointing )

3)The Iams Cat Biscuit advert makes me cry.

4)I can recommend alcohol, pyjamas and Highlander as a way to ease the crushing pain.
...there is nothing left to eat cereal from.

I actually contemplated eating it out of my lunch box so I didn't have to bother.

I'm blaming my neglect of basic standards of hygiene on the England cricket team. They deserve it.
I had 37 pages of saved e-mails, all of which I know I'd saved for a reason. So, I've spent the last three weeks working my way through them in an attempt to cut it down to a more manageable level.

All but 26 of the e-mails were from [ profile] indian_skimmer. It turns out some of them I did keep for a very good reason. Even if that reason was the frankly bizarre subject lines:

"I suppose it would depend on what you're doing to the donkeys"

"Bad lesbian prison dramas are my thing"

"Distressing goat query"

Also, I have learned that after e-mails have been returned seventeen times, the content bears no resemblance to the subject line.
Basically, they're made so that I can watch West Wing in bed.

Apparantly they're also made so that I can spend them visiting friends who insist on having babies. This baby was ginger though so I had to do my bit to induct her into the Ginger Way of Life. I told her about suncream and freckles and never *ever* going swimming after dying your hair.

County Geraint Watch )
I would like to take this opportunity to say the following things:

a) I really, really like yoghurt coated raisins.

b) Hoovering is, without a doubt, my least favourite household occupation

c) I'm now officially counting down the days till I get to start my PhD (402), providing someone on my friendslist comes through with the 30 grand.... I'm still waiting you know.

d) I'm really looking forward to seeing Snakes...On a Plane.

e) Matthew Hoggard is quite possibly my favourite person of all time. "Steve's always touching his side. He touches quite a few other things as well."

f) In precisely 24 hours time I will be watching County Geraint, or possibly be getting soaking wet and not seeing anything at all.
So, I wasn't going to download any episodes this year, but somehow I'm onto episode 5 already...

one sentence episode reviews )

Also, what's this trend for 'episode DVD commentaries'? "The Fringedwellers' Guide" has been doing that for years. Also, we're funny. Although possibly only to us.

7 days till County!Geraint.
There are 4 days left until the final ever episode of the West Wing

There are 5 days left until I go on holiday with [ profile] fringedweller and [ profile] heatherbelles.

There are 13 days left until [ profile] indian_skimmer and I will be seeing Live!Geraint and offering sweets to Matthew Hoggard.

There are 26 days left until I have to have my wisdom tooth out (£105! I've had to *save* to have my bloody tooth out).

There are 119 days left until the start of the Ashes.

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